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The Dead Zone Fan Fiction Community
You should read what we see.
17th-Oct-2013 02:25 pm
I hope nobody minds me posting this here:

I was wondering would any of you be interested in having your stories archived on my site? I haven't got permission for any Dead Zone stories to upload on site yet so nothing is up for this fandom at the moment. I have been away from DZ stuff for years and have re watched the whole series again and am totally hooked on it again.

I'm in the process of making walls and I may upload screencaps has I noticed after all these years this fandom is still very small. I thought there is a few sites all scattered all over and I thought it would be a good idea to hopefully have works from various authors in one place. Most archives I knew of have since shut down.

If anyone has made any walls or videos then they are all welcome to. Just let me know where to download your work from.

My site is called manicmea and I do have archives on site already but for 2 other fandoms.
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