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26th-Sep-2008 11:28 am - A few questions!
Hallo out there! I hope someone's around who can help me out...

I'm working on character development for a fanfic I'm working on (which amazingly my prof is letting me use in my portfolio) and realized I'm not sure about a few things that could give me a peace of mind.

(1) What denomination is the Faith Heritage Foundation?

(2) Bruce's father was a preacher for which church? (And again, denomination?)

(3) Can you think of any character quirks that pop up time and again?

Also something of a "bonus" question - do we know if any character smoked in the past? (The story's genre is horror and since it's kinda of apocalyptic proportions, well, an ex-smoker's likely to pick up the habit again... *shrugs*)

Thanks for any help you can give me!
Numb3rs; Train
Title: All In A Day's Work
Author: Janne (bergann)
Word Count: 621
Pairing: Johnny/Walt (only not really - you'll see)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Johnny is trying to win him a big stuffed teddy bear from the basketball hoops.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: A friend of mine asked for Dead Zone fic and gave me this to work with.

All In A Day's Work
16th-Jul-2008 11:47 pm - Alex
Okay - going to go out on a limb and invite everyone to butcher me....I can't stand Sarah! She was doable with Walt but she just is not anywhere near worthy for a hero - she is SO boring. If I was Sarah I'd bash my own head in with a pudding saucepan. Alex on the other hand is everything that Johnny deserves and needs and ought to have. She constitutes progress and evolution and enough contention, conflict, existential questioning and passion within the unexpected to make life interesting for Johnny. Does anyone know of any Johnny/Alex fanfiction? - because I cannot find any and I am beginning to consider that a rather depressing fact for womankind. Surely the reverence of the inferior pointless whiney dull Sarah cannot govern the het tangent of this enterprise?
11th-Jul-2008 09:46 am - {Fic} Simply Ordinary
Bruce wise up
Simply Ordinary

By Clarity Scifiroots
Words: 99         Prompt: Meal (dz100)
Characters: Bruce
Summary: Joys of the mundane.

I want to write more! Damnit muses, get back here!

3rd-Jul-2008 07:02 pm - Comic Con Slasher's Dinner 2008!
By kind permission of the moderator. Thank you!

CC Slasher DinnerCollapse )

I hope to see some of you there!


Yup, I'm challenging myself to do a month's worth of write a fic-a-day. See the details and make requests here on my LJ, thanks! =) Fourth year of this! Thanks for helping me out!
30th-Mar-2008 01:49 pm - 2 ficlets
Bruce wise up
A Spider in the Web
Disclaimers apply. Title is from a Babylon 5 episode.
Words: 100      Prompt: Babylon 5 title (</a></b></a>dz100)
: Johnny doesn’t think he’s a prophet.

1:25 AM
Adults Only! No redeeming plot value...
: 600     Prompt: Melissa Etheridge lyrics (
: Inspired by the ME song “An Unusual Kiss.” An utterly plotless, shameless, first time romp. (For dz100 despite being over the usual drabble word limit.)

I've made it into something of a personal challenge to complete a drabble/ficlet for each of dz100's prompts. A full table can be found here. I've made some updates on the site overall, so take a look and consider submitting fanworks? I'd be happy to add more things to the site!
8th-Mar-2008 08:04 pm - Four short fics on offer
Four relatively recent ficlets for your enjoyment. I offer the following (each one with an "all viewers" rating ^_~):

Summary: Melancholic Bruce/Johnny, no real timeline though refers to something that comes up in season 6. 

The Space Between
Summary: An extended drabble on perhaps the most key relationship in the show. (Friendship only.)

Adjustment Period
Summary: Another moment of friendship.

There but for the Grace of God go I
Summary: Fix-it piece for s6’s opening episode.

Hard to believe I've only one slashy piece to offer! o__0 Anyway, I'm game to take some requests at the moment. My OTP is Johnny/Bruce (if you didn't realize that by now) but I'm very, very happy to do gen. I also adore Walt, as well as Dana. I won't do Johnny/Walt slash, sorry. And unfortunately for a J/B fan like myself, I'm seeing far more of J/W action than my pairing. *sniff*  But yeah, request away!
8th-Mar-2008 12:31 pm - Fic: Dream Wedding, Johnny/Walt
Winters/Nixon Real
Title: Dream Wedding
Author: Zach/Piratime/writenwright
Word Count: 1053
Challenge: "My Fabulous Fandom Gay Wedding" challenge by JaimeBlue's Kremlin’s
Fandom: Dead Zone
Rating: G
Genre: Romance
Characters/Pairings: Johnny/Walt
Summary: This Fic is about their Wedding, big surprise there.
Author's Notes: Dead Zone stories are hard to find and Johnny/Walt harder. But I love them. This story has been fixed up for writing errors.

Dream WeddingCollapse )
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