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The Dead Zone Fan Fiction Community

You should read what we see.

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This is an open community for the posting of Dead Zone fan fiction and fanfic recs. We welcome all types of fic, gen, het, and slash.

The use of tags when posting is highly encouraged. These should be any pairings in the story, along with genres and/or warnings. Sample tags: gen, johnny/dana, johnny/bruce, romance, comedy, episode-based, deathfic, hurt/comfort. The reason for tags is to allow readers to search for fics using the tag list on the sidebar of the community.

Dead Zone Fan Fiction & Fanvid Masterlist

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Dead Zone Resources

thedeadzone - Discussion community.
dz100 - Weekly drabble challenges.
zone_of_death - Dead Zone icons & art.
dzfic_genslash - Welcomes all things DZ-related, excluding het.

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