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Fic: "O Fortune, variable as the moon", Johnny/Walt, Sarah/Bruce (WIP Amnesty)

Title: O Fortune, variable as the moon
Author: [personal profile] scrollgirl
Fandom: The Dead Zone
Characters: Johnny Smith, Walt Bannerman, Sarah Bracknell, Bruce Lewis, Vera Smith, JJ Smith
Pairings: Johnny/Walt (though I never get there!), Sarah/Bruce, past Johnny/Sarah
Words: 5600
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Another WIP amnesty fic. I have no plans to finish this, sorry.
Summary: The one bright spot in the tragicomedy that Johnny's life has become is that the two women he loves most in the world had each other to lean on after his accident. AU in which Vera Smith is still alive.

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Last Chance to Sign Up!

Because livejournal would not load for me yesterday so that I could join and post this announcement to various communities for several of the fandoms below I decided to extend the deadline to sign-up.

Today is the FINAL day for sign-ups for the Small Fandom Big Bang challenge! If you're going to sign up you have to sign-up by midnight AST.

This is what our schedule looks like at the moment:

September 25th: Author/Artist Sign-ups Open
October 10th: Author/Artist Sign-ups Close
January 8th: 10,000 Word Check-in
March 12th: COMPLETED Story Drafts Due
March 19th: Stories Go To Artists
June 25th: FINAL Story Draft Due
July 16th: Art/Vids Due

Our ten fandoms are:

* Being Human
* Castle
* Chronicles of Riddick Trilogy
* Dark Angel
* The Dead Zone
* Eureka
* Hewligan (anything EXCEPT Stargate Atlantis)
* Primeval
* Psych
* Pushing Daisies

THE RULES - Please read them carefully. Everyone will be expected to actually follow them.
THE GUIDELINES - Please read them carefully. Everyone will be expected to actually follow them.

If you're interested in taking part, you must read the above two posts and then go to either the AUTHOR'S sign-up page or the ARTIST'S sign-up page.

Not an author or artist, we still have ways you can take part!

BETA Sign-Up Post

And finally, PROMPTS! The post is open for people to leave comments with plot bunny ideas for the above ten fandoms.
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A heads-up

In case anyone is interested at all, whatsoever... check out smallfandom_bb if you are interested in doing anything in the DZ fandom. Want to beta? Cheer on a writer? Do a fanmix, vid, or any other type of art? Check out this post for the general info.

Note: I am signing up to participate. Um, and although you might not recognize this name, I'm scifiroots so my story will definitely be focused on the Bruce and Johnny dynamics.
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Looking for a story

I am looking for a story that I have no idea if it's gen or slash. All I really remember is a conversation between Walt and Johnny about how Johnny never touches Walt and Walt thinking it's because he's going to do something evil because Johnny only ever goes out of his way to *not* touch people who are evil. Johnny explains to him it's because each time Johnny touches Walt he sees memories of him with Sarah and he didn't want to steal those from him. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Found, thanks to both fleetshadow and dinofly: Little Thefts by shaenie

A few questions!

Hallo out there! I hope someone's around who can help me out...

I'm working on character development for a fanfic I'm working on (which amazingly my prof is letting me use in my portfolio) and realized I'm not sure about a few things that could give me a peace of mind.

(1) What denomination is the Faith Heritage Foundation?

(2) Bruce's father was a preacher for which church? (And again, denomination?)

(3) Can you think of any character quirks that pop up time and again?

Also something of a "bonus" question - do we know if any character smoked in the past? (The story's genre is horror and since it's kinda of apocalyptic proportions, well, an ex-smoker's likely to pick up the habit again... *shrugs*)

Thanks for any help you can give me!
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